Anderer Länder Folksongs of various Countries

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O that Clancy O that Clancy
O that from far-away mountains
O That I Had Never Been Married
O that I was where I would be
O the auld hoose the auld hoose - Medley
O the Bansha peeler went one night
O the boys of Kilkenny are stout roving blades
O the French are on the sea
O the minstrels sing of an English King
O the night that I struck New York
O the other night
O the praties they are small
O the sky was clear the morning fair
O The smartest packet ye can find - Melody
O the summer time has come - Melody
O the sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home - Melody
O the times are hard and the wages low
O the winter it has passed - Melody
O the work was hard and the wages low - Melody
O the year was 1778 How I wish I was
O then tell me Sean O'Farrell - Melody
O there was a lofty ship and a lofty ship was she
O there's been a woman in our town
O there's many that feign enjoyment
O they all went down to Mick McGilligan's Ball
O they had a little party down in Newport
O tis time I should talk to your mother
O Tommy's gone (to Hilo) what shall I do
O twas there I learned readin' and writin'
O wae be to the orders that marched my love awa'
O waly waly up the bank
O well poor aul' Admiral Nelson is no longer in the air
O wha will lace my shoes sae sma'
O what a glorious thing to be
O What a Pal Was Whosis
O what have you got for dinner Mrs Bond
O what will you give me - Melody
O what would you do if you married a soldier
O When the Saints Go Marching In - Melody
O where have you been long long love
O Where O Where Is My Little Dog Gone - Melody
O where tell me where is your Highland laddie gone? - Melody
O whiskey is the life of man
O whither away my bonnie May - Melody
O who will plow the field
O Willie is it you, dear
O wilt thou go wi' me sweet Tibbie Dunbar
O Wind of the west that bringest
O won't you stay stay awhile
O You Beautiful Doll
O' a' the seasons o' the year - Melody
O'Donnell Abu
O'Dooley's First Five O'Clock Tea
O'er Nelson's Tomb with silent grief oppress'd
O'er The Moor Among The Heather - Melody
O'Reilly and the Big McNeill
Obediah - Melody
October winds lament around the Castle of Dromore
Ode to Whiskey - Melody
Of all the gay birds
Of all the girls that are so smart - Melody
Of all the wives as e'er you know
Of women no more evil will I say
Oft in the Stilly Night
Ogniska już dogasa blask
Ohi cara mamma
Ohs oit tee un beer ee me - Melody
Oi Suomi, katso - Melody
Oidhche shamach oidhche naomh
Ojos de España
Ojos Negros
Øl av rette slaget, har vi nå fått laget
Øl er både mat og drikke
Øl og dram
Old Abe Lincoln Came Out of the Wilderness
Old Abram Brown
Old Adam
Old apple tree we'll wassail thee
Old Beebe had three full grown sons
Old Black Joe - Melody
Old Blue
Old Boniface he loved good cheer
Old Brass Wagon
Old chairs to mend
Old Chisholm Trail
Old Dan Tucker - Melody
Old Dog Tray
Old Dutch
Old Erin the isle of the sea
Old Farmer Giles
Old Father Greybeard
Old Folks at Home
Old German Clockwinder
Old Gray Mare
Old King Cole was a merry old soul
Old Macdonald Had a Farm Old Maid in the Garret
Old Mother Goose
Old Mother Hubbard
Old Ned's a Rare Strong Chap
Old Orange Flute - Melody
Old Paint
Old Sam
Old Sow Song - Melody
Old woman old woman shall we go a-shearing

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