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AOL Customers

National Usenet Newsgroup Providers

Thousands of AOL customers use News Rover every day to access over 40,000 Usenet newsgroups. Since AOL does not provide a standard "NNTP based" news server, you can subscribe to a national news server that you can access through your AOL connection. A subscription to a news server costs between $4 and $12 per month. You can continue to connect to the Internet through your AOL connection, you do not have to sign up with any other Internet Server Provider, and you continue to have full access to AOL.
Also, Microsoft Network (MSN) has a news server that requires a special password encryption scheme that is not supported by News Rover.

If you are not satisfied with the set of Usenet newsgroups provided by your ISP, or if you are an AOL or MSN customer, there are various companies that offer access to Usenet newsgroups over the Internet. They offer good value because they are fast, carry a huge number of newsgroups and are inexpensive. You still connect to the Internet through your usual ISP, but by subscribing to one of these national Usenet providers you can access a complete and well managed set of Usenet newsgroups.

In addition to national news servers that you can subscribe to, there are also some free, public Usenet news servers. However, beware: free servers come and go and you generally get what you pay for.

There are a number of good companies that offer reliable Usenet news servers that you can subscribe to. Here are several that we recommend:

Giganews is one of the largest and fastest news servers on the net and is highly recommended for use with News Rover. Giganews is the default news server searched when you use the MP3 Music Locator feature in News Rover. Giganews does not count header downloads in your monthly download byte quota, making it an excellent bargain when using News Rover's Autoscan to scan for selected messages and files. Prices start as low as $7.95 per month. With over 1.25 terabytes of storage space, Giganews offers excellent message retention even on binary newsgroups. Files on Giganews news servers can be searched using News Rover's File Attachment Locator and MP3 Music Locator features.

UsenetServer provides unlimited downloads (no byte limits). A highspeed, broadband connection allowing up to 6 simultaneous connections costs $14.95/month. A 64kb/second account designed for dial-up access that allows one connection costs $5.95/month. No logs are kept of downloads and posts are anonymous (X-headers removed). Usenetserver has gigabit connections and is friendly to Cable ans xDSL connections. Important: When you sign up for a highspeed account with UsenetServer, specify "NewsRover" as the coupon code to get a discounted price on the highspeed plan (there is no discount for the $5.95 lowspeed plan). Files on UsenetServer news servers can be searched using News Rover's File Attachment Locator and MP3 Music Locator features.

Eternews.com has 4 news servers providing access to over 90,000 uncensored newsgroups. Reading activities are not logged. For $9.95/month you get 1 GB of download per day.

Supernews is one of the largest provider of Usenet outsourcing services to Individuals and ISP's. Their service is fast, reliable, and complete. Prices are $14/month or $100/year. Files on Supernews news servers can be searched using News Rover's File Attachment Locator and MP3 Music Locator features.

Tera News allows you to set up a free account (credit card number required) that you can use to download up to 50MB of messages and files per day. Posting and access to all newsgroups are included with the free account. Accounts with higher daily limits are available at varying costs.

NewsHosting is considered one of the largest news servers on the net; boasting over 9TB of storage. Such massive storage puts NewsHosting at the top for people wanting long retention of the binary groups. NewsHosting does not count headers in your monthly download quota, which is great when using News Rovers Autoscan functions. No logs are kept of downloads and posts are anonymous. NewsHosting has multiple GigE connections making it very attractive to broadband users. Prices start as low as $5 per month!

Randori News Inc. provides uncensored access to all of the major Usenet newsgroups. Outgoing messages may be posted anonymously. Subscriptions are as low as $8/month (or $80/year) for 7.5Gb/month download. Files on Randori news servers can be searched using News Rover's File Attachment Locator and MP3 Music Locator features.

Slurp News has been providing access since 1994 to Businesses and ISPS and recently extended their service offering to individual customers. For $14.95 you receive access to all our newsgroups - including binary groups - with NO download limits! So stop worrying about your quota- get the news you want, when you want it!

Altopia Corporation - http://www.altopia.com/

    Altopia has terabytes of uncensored Usenet news available from more than 100,000 newsgroups.  Altopia respects your privacy by not logging downloads and by requiring a valid subpoena or court order prior to any release of poster info.

Usenet-Access features access to over 80,000 uncensored newsgroups through 3 Usenet servers for $6/month. Usenet-Access has a download limit of 500MB/day per server.

www.Newscene.com has two different account types depending on what you need. They start their prices at $3.75 per month paid annually for the basic service ($45 per year) or $7.50 per month paid annually ($90 per year) for the complete service. On a month-by-month basis, the complete service costs $12.00.*

MegaNetNews Anonymous, Uncensored Access to Over 80,000 Usenet Newsgroups!!!

VIP-NEWS If YOU want more, get our PREMIUM-Newsserver access ! You can login from any terminal worldwide...

news-service.com Unlimited, uncensored access to all active newsgroups.

* - News Rover has a built-in search engine for finding MP3 music files and binary file attachments on Giganews, Supernews, Randori and UsenetServer.