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We've re-designed the interface for version 4 to make using NewsRover even easier than before. If you're an experienced News Rover user, now there are more options, more controls, and more ways to find what you're looking for.
The familiar "dashboard" interface is accessible through this icon on the toolbar. When interactively browsing messages, this panel will contain the headers of the messages. You can selectively download one or more messages while reading another. You can even tag a set of messages for downloading later.

A familiar "Explorer" type interface gives you a top-down view of your Autoscan interest groups, e-mail areas, News servers, saved picture folders, and picture galleries. gallery.JPG (22kb)

This panel contains the currently selected message when browsing a newsgroup interactively.

The picture gallery is automatically constructed for each newsgroup and Autoscan interest group when messages containing JPEG images are downloaded. A separate window allows access to the images.