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Discover the hidden treasures of the Internet

Join the thousands of people all over the world who...

  • Get free pictures, music, film clips, games, and other files;
  • Keep up with sports, news, politics and current events;
  • Research family heritage and genealogy;
  • Ask questions and get answers;
  • Make friends and express opinions in discussion forums.
  • These people have discovered the immense information available in over 100,000 Newsgroups.

    What Are Usenet Newsgroups?

    Usenet Newsgroups have been called "the hidden half of the Internet," because most people browse the web and use e-mail but they never discover Usenet Newsgroups.   Click here for a comparison of Usenet Newsgroups to the Web and e-mail.

    Newsgroups are worldwide discussion areas where people exchange messages and files about every conceivable topic.  Participants generate a gigabyte per day of new information in over 40,000 categories!

    What's In Usenet Newsgroups?

    There are newsgroups with pictures (thousands every day), music (MP3 files of every type), sports (keep up with your favorite team), genealogy (research your family), TV shows, computers (somebody has the answer), travel, hobbies, pets, jobs -- you name it, there's a Usenet newsgroup for it!  Click here for some specific examples.

    What Do Newsgroups Cost?

    Chances are your Internet service provider has a news server available to you at no extra cost, so you can tap into the immense information available on newsgroups for free! All you need to do is get a good news reader and find out the address of your ISP's news server. Usually, the new server is the name of your provider with "news." at the front. For example, if your ISP name is telalink.net, the news server is named news.telalink.net.  AOL subscribers please click here.

    What Software Do I Need?

    Programs you use to access newsgroups are called "news readers".  We think we sell the world's best news reader, try it yourself. We created News Rover to open Usenet newsgroups up to people who don't have an advanced degree in "newsgroupology".  News Rover is easy to use: you view pictures, hear songs, watch film clips, contribute messages, and do e-mail all in one integrated package. Best of all, once you tell News Rover what you like, Rover searches the newsgroups while you sleep, work, or play. If you've got better things to do than stay up all night clicking at messages, try News Rover today!

    Download a Free Demonstration Copy of News Rover

    Don't just take our word for how great Usenet Newsgroups and News Rover are -- find our for yourself right now. Download your free demonstration copy of News Rover and begin browsing Usenet Newsgroups in a few minutes. Once you see how valuable News Rover and Usenet News groups are, you can register News Rover for $29.95 and unlock its full potential.