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Many New Features!!

This major, new release contains many new features requested by our customers, including:

  • News Rover now has full support for Transport Stream (.ts) file sets. Transport stream file sets are rapidly gaining in popularity as the preferred method for posting high definition video files. Usually the file set contains a number of sections, the names have the form:
       video.0001.ts   video.0002.ts etc.

    In order to utilize transport stream files, all of the sections must be downloaded and joined into a single file.

    With News Rover Version 14, transport stream file sets are recognized as a unified set of files similar to an RAR file set. All of the sections in the file set are combined into a single display entry in the message list. You can double click the single entry to download all of the sections, apply PAR error correction and then merge the .ts files into a common file. Once News Rover has processed the file set, you can use the free VLC media player to view them or Nero to burn them to a DVD.

  • News Rover now provides automatic handling for RAR files enclosed in split file messages. These messages have the form:
      file.rar.001    file.rar.002 etc.

    You can double click the entry for the file set, and News Rover will download all of the sections, combine them and then automatically perform the RAR decompression.

  • A new feature has been added to allow News Rover to shut down your computer when it finishes downloading the files in the queue. To enable automatic shutdown, click the On/Off icon near the right end of the toolbar that looks like a 1 inside a 0. The icon is also on the download queue screen.

  • We have overhauled the database system used for the folowing databases: Pending Autoscan message parts, Blocked senders, Duplicate messages, Duplicate files and File Signatures. The old system, which was based on Microsoft JET, had a file size limitation of 1 GB, it was slow, and databases sometimes got corrupted. The new system is based on the excellent SQLite system which has no file size limitations and which has an excellent reputation for speed and reliability.

    Because of this change, these databases will be recreated empty when Version 14 is installed. There is no change to the database system used to store newsgroup messages, so all of your newsgroups, Autoscan groups, messages lists and downloaded files will still be there.

  • A new option has been added to the Configure/Defaults screen to set News Rover to update the message list of subscribed newsgroups on an automatic, scheduled basis. It is recommended that this option be turned on if you regularly browse large groups that have frequent updates.

  • We have switched to a new installer program that should have fewer problems installing News Rover than the old InstallShield program.

  • You can now add multiple senders to the blocked senders database at the same time. Just select the set of messages whose senders you wish to block, the right click and select Sender.../Block messages from sender.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to unnecessarily redownload the message lists for newsgroups.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause News Rover to crash if it tried to parse an invalid .nzb file.

  • You can now specified the folder and the file name for the event log file.

  • Modified the Save-As and Move-To dialog screens so that if the output folder is changed and a file is skipped, the new folder is still set as the default for subsequent file stores.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause problems if a multi-part file was queued to be posted but the send was held for later and the outbox was browsed before the file was actually uploaded.

  • Fixed a bug related to using a quoted word in a search expression between two non-quoted words.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause problems if the ESC key was pressed while the Newsgroup Search screen was active.

  • Fixed a bug that under some conditions caused the Startup.log file to be placed in the wrong folder.

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