Henry Joy

Melody -

1. An Ulsterman I am proud to be
From the Antrim Glens I come.
Although I labour by the sea
I have followed flag and drum.

2. I have heard the martial tramp of men
I've seen them fight and die.
And well do I remember when
I followed Henry Joy.

3. I pulled my boat up from the sea
I hid my sails away,
I hung my nets on a greenwood tree
And I scanned the moonlit bay.
  4. The boys were out, and the Redcoats too,
I kissed my wife goodbye;
And in the shade of the greenwood glade
I followed Henry Joy.

5. Ah, lads for Ireland's cause we fought;
For home and heart we bled,
Though our numbers were few our hearts beat true,
And five to one lay dead,

6. And many a lassie missed her lad,
And mother mourned her boy;
For youth was strong in that gallant throng
Who followed Henry Joy.

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