As I went up the Brandy Hill

Melody -

As I went up the Brandy Hill,
I met my father with good will;
He had jewels, he had rings,
He had many pretty things;

He'd a cat with nine tails,
He'd a hammer with nine nails.
Up Jock! Down Tom!
Blow the bellows, old man.
  As I went up the Brandy Hill
I met my faither wigged Will
He had jewels and he had rings
He had many a bonny thing

He had a cat wi' ten tails
He had a hammer wanting nails
Up Jake doon Tam
Blow the bell of auld man

Auld man's skinny coat
Roond aboot the ferry boat
The ferry boat's o'er dear
Ten pound every year

Half a cherry half a chess
Half a bonny blue Bess
Half a dug among the corn
Blaw Willie Bughorn

Willie Bug had a coo
He called it Brokeabendy
It fell o'er the Brig o' Tay
And broke its corn endy.

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