As I await my Love

Melody - Frank 1998

Setiawati Lubis, 1998

1. I sit alone upon this stone
Within the forest glade
And though it's just a moss-grown throne
My rags look like brocade

As in the silence of the morn
I hear the bluebirds sing
Rejoicing in a new day born
The hopes that it will bring

2. The sunlight shyly filters in
To sparkle on the dew
The shadows play upon my skin
As I wait here for you

The gurgles of the rippling brook
Adds rhythm to the air
The warmth within your darkeyed look
None can with you compare

3. I feel the breeze upon my face
Like fingers through my hair
Reminds me of your sweet embrace
The endless love we share

There is no sign of you, I fear
And yet each day I'd wait
For just a whisper in my ear
My heartache to abate

4. And so another day goes by
Without you by my side
The setting sun leaves with a sigh
My sorrow I can't hide.

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