Monymusk Lads

Melody -

As I cam' in by Monymusk
And doon by Alford's dale,
A sad misfortune happened to me
And I think nae shame to tell.

Fal to too a riddle doo,
Fal to toodle I do.

As I gaed in by Monymusk,
The moon was shining clear;
And I held on to Lethendy
To see my Maggie dear.

I did gang when I did think
That a' were sleepin' soun',
But plague upon yon auld wife,
For she cam' stinkin' doon.

Sae cannily she slipped the lock
And set the door agee;
Then crawled upon her hands and knees
To see what it could be.

Then to the bells, wi' a' her micht
Sae toud she made them ring,
Till faith! I thocht aboot my lugs
The biggin she would bring.
  And when she saw I wouldna slip,
She ran to the guidman,
Says: "There's a lad into the hoose,
And that I winna stand.

"For it is a most disgraceful thing,
It would provoke a saunt,
To see a' the servant girls wi' lads,
When the gentle anes maun want.

"Providence has acted wrang,
Sic pleasures for to gie
Tae ony servant lad or lass
Just working for a fee."

The auld man he cam' ben himsel',
And he pushed ben his heid;
Guidfaith! I thocht it was a ghost
Just risen frae the deid.

He'd duddy drawers upon his legs,
He'd on a cap o' white,
And he'd a face as lang's my leg,
And in his hand a light.

He's ta'en me by the shoulders broad
And pushed me out o' doors;
Thinks I, my auld lad, I'll come back
When sleepin' gars ye snore.

Rural courtship was a popular theme with the bothy singers and in this song the story is embellished with some rather sharp comment on the class structure of society.

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