Lish Young Buy-a-Broom

Melody -

1. As I went a-walking
In the North country,
Down by Kirby Steven
I happened for to be,
As I was a-walkin up
And down the street,
A pretty little buy-a-broom
I chanced for to meet.

2. She kindly then invited me
To go a little way,
Yes was the answer
To her I did say,
There was; me with my music
Walkin down the street,
And her with a tamborine
Was beatin hand and feet.

3. Straight way out for Kendal town
We steered her and I'
Over yon green mountain
The weather being dry,
We each had a bottle
Filled up to the top
And whenever we were feeling dry
We took a little drop.
  4. The night wa coming on
And good lodgings we did find,
Eatables of all kind
And plenty of good wine,
Good bed and blankets
Just for we two,
And I rolled her in me arms me boys,
And wouldn't you do too?

5. Early the next morning
We arose to go our way,
I called for the landlord
To see what was to pay,
Fourteen an sixpence
Just for you two,
Four crowns upon the table
My darling then she threw.

6. Well the reason that we parted
I now shall let you hear,
She started off for Germany
Right early the next year,
But me being unwilling for
To cross the raging sea,
Here's a health to my bonny lass
Wherever she may be.

For she wasright, I was tight, everybody has their way,
It was the lish young buy-a-broom that led me astray.

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