A-Cruising We Will Go

Melody -

Behold upon the swelling seas
With streaming pennants gay,
Our gallant ship invites the waves,
While glory leads the way.

|: And a-cruising we will go,
Oho, oho, oho! :|
And a-cruising we will go,
And a-cruising we will go!

2. You beauteous maids, your smiles bestow,
For if you prove unkind,
How can we hope to beat the foe?
We leave our hearts behind.

3. See Hardy's flag once more displayed,
Upon the deck he stands;
Britannia's glory ne'er can fade,
Or tarnish in his hands.

4. Britain to herself but true,
To France defiance hurled,
Give peace, America, with you,
And war with all the world.

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