Ben Hall

Melody -


Come, all you young Australians,
And everyone besides,
I'll sing to you a ditty that will
Fill you with surprise,
Concerning of a 'ranger bold,
Whose name it was Ben Hall,
But cruelly murdered was this day,
Which proved his downfall.

An outcast from society,
He was forced to take the road,
All through his false and treacherous wife,
Who sold off his abode.
He was hunted like a native dog
From bush to hill and dale,
Till he turned upon his enemies
And they could not find his trail.

All out with his companions,
Men's blood he scorned to shed,
He oft-times stayed their lifted hands,
With vengeance on their heads.
No petty, mean or pilfering act
He ever stooped to do,
But robbed the rich and hearty man,
And scorned to rob the poor.

One night as he in ambush lay
All on the Lachlan Plain,
When, thinking everything secure,
To ease himself had lain,
When to his consternation
And to his great surprise,
And without one moment's warning,
A bullet past him flies.

And it was soon succeeded by
A volley sharp and loud,
With twelve revolving rifles
All pointed at his head.
"Where are you, Gilbert? Where is Dunn?"
He loudly did call.
It was all in vain, they were not there
To witness his downfall.

They riddled all his body
As if they were afraid,
But in his dying moment
He breathed curses on their heads.
That cowardly hearted Condel,
The sergeant of the police,
He crept and fired with fiendish glee
Till death did him release.

Although he had a lion's heart,
More braver than the brave,
Those cowards shot him like a dog -
No word of challenge gave.
Though many friends had poor Ben Hall,
His enemies were few,
Like the emblems of his native land,
His days were numbered too.

It's through Australia's sunny clime
Ben Hall will roam no more.
His name is spread both near and far
To every distant shore.
For generations after his
Parents will to their children call,
And rehearse to them the daring deeds
Committed by Ben Hall.

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