Blue Bell the dawn is waking

Melody - Theodore F. Morse, 1904

Edward Madden

1. Blue Bell, the dawn is waking
Sweetheart you must not sigh
Blue Bell, my heart is breaking
I come to say goodbye
Hear all the bugles calling
Calling to each brave heart
Sweetheart your tears are falling
Blue Bell, we too must part
  2. Blue Bell, they are returning
Each greets his sweethearts true
Blue Bell, your heart is yearning
N'er a one greets you
Sadly they tell the story
Tell how they fought and fell
No thought of fame or glory
Only of his Blue Bell

Goodbye, my Blue Bell
Farewell to thee
One last fond look
Into your eyes of blue
Near campfires gleaming
Near shot and shell
I will be dreaming
Of my own Blue Bell

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