Buliao Qing   Endless Love

(Tagalog) - Wang Fu-ling

Tao Qin
Wangbuliao, wangbuliao,
Wangbuliao nidi cuo,
Wangbuliao nidi hao,
Wangbuliao yu zhong di sanbu,
Ye wangbuliao na feng li di yongbao.

Wangbuliao, wangbuliao,
Wangbuliao nidi lei,
Wangbuliao nidi xiao,
Wangbuliao luoye di chouchang.
Ye wangbuliao na huakai fannao.

Jimodi chang xiang,
Erjin xie yue qing zhao,
Lengluodi qiuqian,
Erjin yingfeng qingyao,
Ta chongfu nidi dingning,
Yi shengsheng,
Wangliao, wangliao
Ta di su wodi zhongqu
Yi shengsheng,
Nanliao, nanliao

Wangbuliao, wangbuliao,
Wangbuliao chun yi jin,
Wangbuliao hua yi lao,
Wangbuliao libiedi ziwei,
Ye wangbuliao na xiangsi di kunao.
Tr. Ed Peaslee
I can't forget, can't forget,
I can't forget your faults,
And your goodness,
I can't forget that walk in the rain,
And embracing in the wind.

I can't forget, can't forget,
I can't forget your tears,
And your smiles,
I can't forget the sadness of fallen leaves,
And worries as the flower bloomed.

That long and lonely lane,
Now lit by the clear moonlight,
An empty swing,
Now swayed only by the wind,
Bring back your entreaties,
Syllable by syllable,
Forget, forget,
Softly telling my feelings,
Syllable by syllable,
Hard to forget, hard to forget..

I can't forget, can't forget,
That spring has ended,
And that the flower has faded,
I can't forget how I felt when we parted,
And the anguish of longing for you.

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