Shearing Time

Melody -


1. Out on the board
The old shearer stands,
Grasping his shears
In his thin bony hands;
Fixed is his gaze on
A bare-bellied yoe,
Glory if he gets her,
Won't he make the ringer go.

Click go the shears boys,
Click, click click,
Wide is his blow
And his hands move quick,
The ringer looks around
And is beaten by a blow,
And curses the old snagger
With the bare-bellied yoe.

2. In the middle of the floor
In his cane bottomed chair
Sits the boss of the board
With his eyes everywhere,
Notes well each fleece as
It comes to the screen,
Paying strict attention
That it's taken off clean.

3. The colonial experience man,
He is there of course,
With his shiny leggin's on.,
Just got off his horse,
Gazes all around him like
A real connoisseur,
Scented soap and brilliantine
And smelling like a whore,

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