Davie Gordon o' Kirkhill

Melody -

Roy's wife of Aldivalloch,
Roy's wife of Aldivalloch,
Wat she how she cheated me,
As I came owre the Braes o' Balloch?

Davie Gordon o' Kirkhill
And Johnny Gordon o' Carshalloch;
Wat ye how she cheated me,
As we came owre the Braes o' Balloch?
As we went toddlin' roond the Buck
It's Roy cam' breengin through the Balloch;
Weary fa' the faithless quean,
She's on the road to Aldivalloch.

As we went oot ayont the Buck,
It's she came in aboot the Balloch;
Roy's piper he was playin'
'She's welcome hame to Aldivalloch'.

Though ye would ca' the Cabrach wide,
Frae Ordieton unto the Balloch,
Ye wadna get sic a strappin' quean
As Roy's wife of Aldivalloch.

John Roy of Aldivalloch was married to Isobel Stewart on 21. February 1727. Roy was considerably older than his wfie who provided the song maker with material by running away with David Gordon of Kirktown. She was pursued by Roy and brought back after a chase over the Braes of Balloch, Margaret Roy, last descendent of the Roys of Aldivalloch, whose death was recorded in the Banffshire Journal, January 1860, said that the song had been made by a shoemaker living in the neighbourhood of Aldivalloch. The tune was first published in Walsh's 'Twenty.Four Country Dances' (1724) as Lady Frances Wemy's Reel, but is almost certainly considerably older.

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