Did You Ever

Melody -

Did you ever, ever, ever
See a codfish who was clever?
Or a dolphin dance a hornpipe on his tail?
Or a flounder play at skittles?
Or a pig that left his vittles?
Or a porpoise sit and whistle on a rail?

Or a double-breasted badger?
Or a really starving cadger?
Or a hermit who lives happily on roots -
One who daily feeds and fattens?
Or a pelican in pattens?
Or an ostrich in knee breeches and top boots?
  Or a rosy-visaged baker?
A white-hatted undertaker?
Or a cap that wouldn't fit a dozen boys?
Or a pea-green dromedary?
Or a quiet cock canary?
Or a cobbler who all his time employs?

Or a jackdaw pass a spangle?
Or an oyster turn a mangle?
Or a cabman knocking gently at a door?
If you've had your attention
Drawn to half the things I mention,
You've seen what never has been seen before.

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