Duncan Davidson

Melody - "Ye'll ay be welcome back again"

from "Merry Muses of Caledonia", ca. 1800

There was a lass, they ca'd her Meg,
An' she gaed o'er the muir to spin;
She fee'd a lad to lift her leg,
They ca'd him Duncan Davidson.
Fal, lal, &c.

Meg had a muff and it was rough,
'Twas black without and red within,
An' Duncan, case he got the cauld,
He stole his highland pintle in.
Fal, lal, &c.

Meg had a muff, and it was rough,
And Duncan strak tway handu' in;
She clasp'd her heels about his waist,
"I thank you, Duncan! Yerk it in!!!"
Fal, lal, &c.

Duncan made her hurdies dreep,
In Highland wrath, then Meg did say;
"O gang he east, or gang he west,
His ba's will no be dry today."
Fal, lal, &c.

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