El grillo

Melody -

Richard C. Aguilar

íHola Frank!

You gettin' a CUMBIA !!! Ain't no betta messkin music 'en dat !!! Here's a lesson in culture for you:

You know how Messkins always start yellin' and screamin' (like a rooster) when the music starts playin'? It's cuz there's no more macho symbol in Messiko than a rooster !!! . . . and since everyone is known by his/her nickname, every neighborhood has a kid growing up with the name "Gallo." [ . . . obviously, rooster . . . ]

'en ya gotta watch out for "el Gallo" cuz he gonna mess wichur dotters. So, then this dance comes along: the cumbia. And everybody gets in a circle, and each couple dances (struts) around each other, and the guy tries to out-macho the other guys, by lookin' like the "sexiest rooster" on the floor, --- and finally everybody's dancin' around everybody else's partner, in a giant circle, going clockwise. Nobody stays in their chairs when a cumbia starts, --- gramma's dance with grandkids, young ladies dance in couples, --- and even the "shyest guy" is out there, boogyin' with the rest of 'em. Even becomes somewhat frenetic, cuz the music "seems to speed up" --- but never does. So, --- listen and see if you catch any "nuances a la poulet" (chicken notions) in the song.

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