Eres Un Orgullo

- Music & Lyrics By Alvaro Guevara, BMI (p)2000, ©1999 (All Rights Reserved)

A Tribute to Mexican Olympic Track Star, Ana Gabriela Guevara.
Eres Un Orgullo a nuestro pueblo,
que nunca mas debemos de olvidar,
tu inspiraste a muchos con tus triunfos,
tus logros nos inspiran a luchar.
Eres un estrella que nos enciende el corazon,
eres un ejemplo a los chicos que buscan direccion,
yo se que tendras una victoria el dia que te
vayas a luchar.

Yo se que tendras una victoria,
el dia que te vayas a luchar . . . .
Ana Gabriela, eres tu la triunfadora,
eres un ejemplo que si luchamos triunfamos . . . .

Nos llenaste el alma con tus sueños,
haber si somos dignos de ese honor . . . .
Estare pensando de ti, Gaby,
el dia que te vayas a luchar . . . .
el dia que te vayas a triunfar . . . .
rough English translation
You are our pride and joy to our Fatherland,
and we will never forget you.
You inspired many with your victories.
Your achievements inspire us to succeed.
You are a star, that fires our hearts,
You are an example for youth that seeks direction.
I know that you shall be victorious,
the day you compete.

I know that you shall be victorious,
the day you compete.
Ana Gabriela you are a winner!
You are an example that if we try, we succeed.

You fired our hearts with your dream,
We hope to be worthy of the honor.
We shall be thinking of you Gaby,
the day you go and compete . . .
The day you go to be victorious!

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