Go bring me back my blue-eyed boy

Melody -

Go bring me back my blue-eyed boy,
Go bring my darling back to me,
Go bring me back the one I love,
And happy will I ever be.

Must I go bound while he goes free?
Must I love a man that don't love me?
Or must I act some childish part,
And die for the one that broke my heart?
  Late one night when her father came home,
Inquiring where his daughter had gone,
He went upstairs and the lock he broke,
And found her hanging by a rope.

He drew his knife and he cut her down,
Upon her breast these words he found:
Go dig my grave, go dig it deep,
And plant a rose at my head and feet.

Upon my breast a turtle dove,
To show this world I died for love.
Around my grave go build a fence,
To show this world I had no sense.

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