Hawai'i pono'     Hawai'i's Own

Melody - Henry Berger

King Kalkaua

Hawai'i pono',
Nn i kou m',
Ka lani ali'i,
Ke ali'i.

Makua lani e,
Kamehameha e,
N kua e pale
Me ka ihe.

Hawai'i pono',
Nn i n ali'i,
N pua muli kou,
N pki'i.

Hawai'i pono'i,
E ka lhui e,
'Oku hana nui
E ui e.

Tr. Ed Peaslee

Hawai'i's own people,
Be loyal to your king,
The royal monarch,
The monarch.

Royal patriarch,
We shall defend
With spears.

Hawai'i's own people,
Be loyal to your chiefs,
The children after you,
The younger people.

Hawai'i's own people,
This nation,
Your great task
Is to strive.

During its short history as a nation, "Hawai'i Pono'i" was the national anthem. The Hawai'ian words were written by King Kalkaua, and the music was composed by Captain Henry Berger, the Royal Bandmaster. It was first sung in 1874.
Kamehameha was the first king to unite the Hawai'ian Islands

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