The Bold O'Donohue

Melody -

1. Here I am from Paddy's land,
A land of high renown
I broke the hearts of all the girls
From miles of Keady town
And when they hear that I'm away'
They raise a hullabaloo
When they hear about the handsome lad
They call O'Donahue.

For I'm the boy to please her
And I'm the boy to tease her
And I'm the boy to squeeze her up
And I'll tell you what I'll do
I'll court her like an Irishman
With me brogue and blarney too is me plan
With me rollikin', swollikin',
Gollikin', wollikin', Bold O'Donahue.
  2. I wish me love was a red red rose
Grown' on yon garden wall
And me to be dewdrop and upon
Her brow I'd fall
Perhaps now she might think of me
As a rather heavy dew
No more she'd love the handsome lad
They call O'Donahue.

3. They say that Queen Victoria
Has a daughter fine and grand
Perhaps she'd take it into her head
For to marry an Irishman
And if I could only get the chance
To have a word or two
Perhaps she'd take a notion
In the bold O'Donahue.

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