Farewell Song

Melody - from a 1913 songbook

I am a man of constant sorrow,
I've seen trouble all of my days;
I'll bid farewell to old Kentucky,
The place where I was born and raised.

Oh, six long year I've been blind, friends.
My pleasures here on earth are done,
In this world I have to ramble,
For I have no parents to help me now.

So fare you well my own true lover,
I fear I'll never see you again,
For I am bound to ride the Northern railroad,
Perhaps I'll die upon the train.
  Oh, you may bury me in some deep velley,
For many year there I may lay.
Oh, when you're dreaming while you're slumbering
While I am sleeping in the clay.

Oh, fare you well to my native country,
The place where I have loved so well,
For I have all kinds of trouble,
In this vain world no tongue can tell.

Dear friends, although I may be a stranger,
My face you may never see no more;
But there is a promise that is given,
Where we can meet on that beautiful shore.

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