Down by the Tanyard Side

Melody -

I am a rambling hero
And by love I am betrayed,
Near to the town of Baltinglass,
There dwells a lovely maid,
She's fairer than Hypatia bright,
And she's free from earthly pride.
She's a darlin' maid,her dwelling place
Is down by the Tanyard side.

Her lovely hair in ringlets rare
Lies on her snow-white neck,
And the tender glances of her eyes
Would save a ship from wreck.
Her two red lips so smiling
And her teeth so pearly white
Would rnake a man become her slave
Down by the Tanyard side.
I courteously saluted her
And I viewed her o'er and o'er,
And I said, "Are you Aurora bright
Descending here below?"
"Oh, no, kind sir, I'm a maiden poor,"
She modestly replied,
"And I daily labour for my bread
Down by the Tanyard side.'

So for twelve long years I courted
Her till at length we did agree
For to acquaint her parents
And married we would be.
But 'twas then her cruel father
To me proved most unkind
Which makes me sail across the sea
And leave my love behind.

Farewell, my aged parents,
To you I bid adieu.
I'm crossing the main ocean
All for the sake of you.
But whenever I return
I will make her my bride
And I'll roll her in my arms again
Down by the Tanyard side.

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