Erin, You're Wearin' a Wonderful Smile

Melody -

1. If I'm dreamin', don't wake me, Macushla,
For I see Erin wearin' a smile;
And dried are the tears that were fallin' for years
On her own darlin' Emerald Isle.
  2. Oh, I hope I'm not dreamin', Macushla,
And the smile that I see does not die,
'Til the skies overhead see the shamrock grow red,
And the lakes of Killarney run dry.

Oh, then Erin, you're wearin' a wonderful smile,
And it's proud I am of you today.
All the sorrows you've suffered were well worth the while
Just to know that they're fadin' away.
Oh, the Shannon is singin' an auld Irish song,
And the shamrock again is in style.
May the blessin' of God be yours always, auld Sod:
Erin, you're wearin' a wonderful smile.

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