Love my Love in the Morning

Melody -

Gerald Griffin 1803-1840

1. I love my love in the morning,
For she like morn is fair
Her blushing cheek, its crimson streak,
Its clouds her golden hair.

2. Her glance, its beam, so soft and kind;
Her tears, its dewy showers;
And her voice, the tender whispering wind
That stirs the early bowers.

3. I love my love in the morning,
I love my love at noon,
For she is bright as the lord of light,
Yet mild as autumn's moon;
  4. Her beauty is my bosom's sun,
Her faith my fostering shade,
And I will love my darling one,
Till even the sun shall fade.

5. I love my love in the morning,
I love my love at eve;
Her smile's soft play is like the ray
That lights the western heaven;

6. I loved her when the sun was high,
I loved her when she rose;
But best of all when evening's sigh
Was murmuring at its close.

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