Molly Durkin

Melody -

1. I'm a dacint honest workin' man,
As you might understand,
And I'll tell to you the reason
Why I left old Ireland;
'Twas Molly Durkin did it
When she married Tim O'Shea
And to keep my heart from breakin',
I sailed to Americay.

Arragh, goodbye Molly Durkin,
I'm sick and tired of workin'
And my heart is nearly broken,
But no longer I'll be fooled;
And as sure as my name is Cooney,
I'm bound for Califooney
And instead of diggin' mortar
I'll be diggin' lumps of gold.
  2. Well, I landed in Castle Garden,
Sure I met a man named Burke
And he told me remain in New York
Until he got me work.
But he hasn't got it for me,
So tonight I'll tell him plain,
For San Francisco in the morn
I'm going to take a train.

3. Well, I'm out in Californy
And my fortune it is made.
I'm a-loaded down with gold
And I throw away my pick and spade
Sail home to dear old Ireland
With the Castle out of sight,
And I'll marry Miss O'Kelly,
Molly Durkin for to spite.

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