Piney Wood Hills

Melody -

1. I'm a rambler and rover
And I wander it seems
I've traveled all over,
Chasing after my dreams.

2. But a dream should come true
And a heart should be filled
And a life should be lived
On the piney wood hills.

3. I'll return to the woodlands,
I'll return to the snow
I'll return to the hills
And the valleys below.
  4. I'll return as a poor man,
Or a king, if God wills
But I'm on my way home
To the piney wood hills.

5. I was raised on a song 'ere,
I done right, I done wrong 'ere
And it's true I belong 'ere,
And it's true it's my home.

6. From ocean to ocean,
I've rambled and roamed
And now I'll return
To my piney woods home.

7. Maybe someday
I'll find someone who will
Love as I love
The piney wood hills.

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