I Maun Hae a Wife

Melody -

I maun hae a wife,
Whatsoe'er she be,
An' she be a woman,
That's enough for me.
Buy broam besoms!
Wha will buy them noo?
Fine heather ringers,
Better never grew.

If that she be bonny,
I shall think her right,
If that she be ugly,
Where's the odds at night?
  O, an' she be young,
How happy shall I be,
If that she be auld,
The sooner she will dee.

If that she be fruitfu',
O what joy is there!
If she should be barren,
Less will be my care.

If she like a drappie,
She and I'll agree,
If she dinna like it,
There's the mair for me.

Be she green or grey,
Be she black or fair,
Let her be a woman,
I shall seek nae mair.

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