I'm Shy Mary Ellen, I'm Shy

Melody & Text - Chas Ridgewell and George Stevens, 1910

1. I courted Mary Ellen for forteen solid years,
But she made me blush when she,
One night, boldly said to me,
"You've never kissed me once, John,
Though I'd like you to," she sighed.
"Why don't you call me pretty names?"
I hung my head and cried,

"I'm shy, Mary Ellen, I'm shy.
It does seem so naughty, oh my!
Kissing is nicey, I've often heard say,
But, still, how to do it? I don't know the way.
So you put your arm round my waist,
I promise I won't scream or cry,
So you do the kissing and cuddling instead
'Cos I'm shy, Mary Ellen, I'm shy."

2. Last year with Mary Ellen to Lowestoft I went,
Mary Ellen said to me,
"I'm going bathing in the sea
So while I go and have a splash
Where all the ladies go
You go and have a bathe amongst the men."
I said, "No, no!"

"I'm shy, Mary Ellen, I'm shy.
It does seem so naughty, oh my!
Men are so rough, and I'm sure they will stare.
They'll SPLASH me and DUCK me, if I go in there,
The girls ain't so rough as the men,
And they wouldn't duck me, or try,
So I'd rather bathe here along with the girls
'Cos I'm shy, Mary Ellen, I'm shy."
  3. While out with Mary Ellen, we met a six foot man,
"That's the saucy scamp," said she,
"Who last week insulted me.
Now, just you thrash the massive brute."
I look'd at his six feet.
Then she said, "Take your coat off."
But I said, "What? In the street?"

I'm shy, Mary Ellen, I'm shy.
It would look so naughty, oh my!"
I said as I looked at that great hulking chap,
"If it wasn't for one thing, I'd give him a slap.
But look at the ladies about.
They'd all stop to look, and oh my!
If I take my coat off theyll all see my shirt,
And I'm shy, Mary Ellen, I'm shy."

4. To marry Mary Ellen I went to church one morn.
While the party with the bride
Went to church, I stood outside.
For quite an hour I stood there
while she waited to be wed.
Then she came out and said, "Come on."
"I don't like to," I said.

I'm shy, Mary Ellen, I'm shy.
It does seem so naughty, oh my!"
But still we got married and got home alright,
And kept up the fun with our friends until night.
Then they wish'd Mary Ellen goodbye,
And started to go - So did I.
Then she said, "You're not going!" I said, "Yes I am,
'Cos I'm shy, Mary Ellen, I'm shy!"

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