Nine Miles From Gundagai

Melody -

I'm used to drivin' bullock teams
Across the hills and plains
I've teamed outback these forty years
In blazin' droughts and rains
I've lived a heap of troubles through,
Without a bloomin' lie
But I can't forget what happened me
Nine miles from Gundagai

'twas gettin' dark, the team got bogged,
The axle snapped in two
I lost me matches and me pipe,
Now what was I to do?
The rains come down, 'twas bitter cold,
And hungry too was I
And the dog shat in the tucker-box
Nine miles from Gundagai
  Some blokes I know has all the luck
No matter how they fall
But there was I, Lord love a duck,
No flamin' luck at all.
I couldn't make a pot of tea
Nor keep me trousers dry
And the dog shat in the tucker-box,
Nine miles from Gundagai

I could forgive the blinkin' tea,
I could forgive the rain;
I could forgive the dark and cold,
And go through it again.
I could forgive me rotten luck,
But hang me till I die,
I won't forgive that bloody dog,
Nine miles from Gundagai.

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