Zai Na Yaoyuande Difang    
In a Faraway Place

Melody - Chinese traditional

Zai na yaoyuande difang
You wei hao guniang.
Renmen zouguo tade zhangfang
Dou yao huitou liuliande zhangwang.

Ta na fenhongde xiaolian
Haoxiang hong taiyang.
Ta na huopo dongrende yanjing
Haoxiang wanshang mingmeide yueliang.

Wo yuan paoqile caichan
Gen ta qu fangyang.
Meitian kanzhe na fenhongde xiaolian
He na meili jinbiande yishang.
Tr. Ed Peaslee 1999
In that place so far away
Lives a beautiful girl
People passing by her yurt
Turn their heads to take another glance

Her smile is as radiant
as the morning sun.
Her lively, enticing eyes
are bright like the evening moon.

I would give up all my wealth
Just to herd sheep with her.
To see her lovely face every day
And the pretty gold-trimmed dress she wears.

The "faraway place" is the vast grassland of Qinghai Province in western China.

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