Irishmen will set them free

Melody -

In the Jail - - - - - - -
in the prison, where he died,
lie 2 daughters of old Ireland
and they fill my heart with pride
for I know that England wishes
that we let them die alone
but the voice of dear old Ireland
cries for us to bring them home

Hear a drim on the air
it's the voice of my country so far
Oh can't you feel?
Oh can't you see?
Irish men will set them free!
  It was the love of dear old Ireland
that brought them to their prison hell
but the ghosts of Pearson country
fill their lovely prison cell
Clark and blanket stand beside them
McDonnell McDermitt and Wolf Tone
and all the voices of old Ireland
cry for us to bring them home

So I pray, ye men of Ireland,
don't be traitored or - - - - - - -
Proudly stand behind our heros
Lest they'll die for me and you
Though the tyranns may denie us,
we may break the hearts of stones
and all of Ireland will be singing,
when we bring our daughters home!

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