Finvola, the Gem of the Roe

Melody -

In the lands of O'Cahan,
Where bleak mountains rise,
O'er whose brown ridgy tops now
The dusky cloud flies,
Deep sunk in a valley
A wild flower did grow,
|: And her name was Finvola,
   The gem of the Roe. :|
From the Isles of AEbudae,
Appeared to our view,
A youth clad in tartan,
'tis strange as 'tis true,
With a star on his breast,
And unstrung was his bow,
|: And he sigh'd for Finvola,
   The gem of the Roe. :|

No more up the streamlet
Her maidens shall hie,
For wan the cold cheek,
And bedim'd the blue eye,
In silent affliction
Our sorrow shall flow,
|: Since gone is Finvola,
   The gem of the Roe. :|

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