Our Wedding Day

Melody -

1. I once had a wee lass
And I loved her well,
I loved her far better
Than my tongue can tell,
Her parents disliked me
For my want of years,
So adieu to all pleasure
Since I lost my dear.

2. Then I dreamt last night
That my love came in,
And she walked up so soft
That her feet made no din.
I thought that she spoke
And those words she did say,
"It won't be long now, love,
Till our wedding day."

3. Then according to promise
At midnight I rose
And found nothing there
But the down-folded clothes,
The sheets they were empty,
As plain as you see,
And out of the window
With another went she.
  4. Oh, it's Molly, lovely Molly,
What's this that you have done?
You have pulled the thistle,
Left the red rose behind;
The thistle will wither
And decay away soon,
But the red rose will flourish
In the merry month of June.

5. Then if I was a fisherman
Down by the seaside
And Molly a salmon,
Coming in with the tide,
I would cast out my net
And catch her in a snare,
I would have lovely Molly,
I vow and declare.

6. Or if I was an eagle
And had two wings to fly,
I would fly to my love's castle
And it's there I would lie,
ln a bed of green ivy
I would leave myself down,
With my two folded wings
I would my love surround.

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