Protestant Men

Melody -

It was back in history's page, the story's told
of a Napper Tandy brave and bold
With his scarlet and green, he then was seen
with his big long gun his fighting men
And they beat at the drum, they fired their gun
and they shook the English establishment
And the Lords and the Peers they then put fears
and Grattan got his Parliament

So here's to those great Protestant Men
Who gave their lives to free our land
All the people sang their praises then
For those brave United Irishmen

In Belfast town there lived a man
and his name was Samuel Neilson
A minister's son, Presbyterian,
and the paper called the Northern Star
There was Henry Joy, the Green Volunteers
and Thomas Russell and McCabe and McTeir
And to them was known a man Wolfe Tone
and they formed the first United Men

So you sow your laws with dragons teeth and soon you'll see
that you've sowed the seeds of bigotry
Be England's fool divide they'll rule
so they set to break the United Men
And they killed them in the fields
and some in jail and some upon the Gallows high
When Willie Orr died his very last cry
was "Unite and fight brave Irishmen."

Cast dissensions to the wind let all men lend
to the common name of an Irishman
For across historys page to rant and rage
men crossed the pails of bigotry
There was the men of '98 no sadder fate,
Lord Edward, Tone and the brothers Sheres
It was Emmet's plea in 18 and 3
when he tried to set our country free.

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