The Starlaw Disaster

Melody -

It was eighteen and seventy, April the ninth day;
Ninety-six men and boys for their work took their way.
In health and in strength down the shaft they did go,
Never dreaming of how many would lie low.

For about twelve o'clock on that same fatal day,
'The pit-shaft's on fire', the roadsman did say.
And quick through the workin's the alarum he gave,
All praying to their maker their sweet lives for to save.

All eagerly ran to get on to the cage,
But the fire in the shaft like a furnace did rage.
All praise to young John Steel who at the engine did stand,
And Forty-eight safe on the bank he did land.

William Ralston, William Rushford and young David Muir,
By that terrible disaster you will see them no more.
Patrick and Peter M'Comiskie, aye, and Swanson likewise,
By that terrible disaster in his cold grave now lies.

Now widows and orphans who are now left to mourn,
By that awful disaster they will never return.
But God is so merciful, as all mankind knows,
He will share in their sorrow and soften their woes.

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