Just a-wearyin' for you

Melody - Carrie Jacobs-Bond

Frank Stanton

1. Just a-wearyin' for you
All the time a-feelin' blue.
Wishin' for you, wond'rin' when
You'll be comin' home again.
Restless, don't know what to do.
Just a-wearyin' for you.
2. Mornin' comes, the birds awake.
Used to sing so for your sake.
But there's sadness in the notes
That comes trillin' from their throats.
Seem to feel your absence too,
Just a-wearyin' for you.

3. Evenin' comes, I miss you more
When the dark gloom's round the door.
Seems just like you orter be
There to open it for me.
Latch goes tinklin', thrills me through.
Sets me wearyin' for you.

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