Melody - .

Apple trees and pear trees were a-flower,
River mist was rising all around.
|: Young Katiusha went strolling by the hour
   On the steep banks, o'er the rocky ground. :|

By the river's bank she sang a love song
Of her hero in a distant land,
|: Of the one she'd dearly loved for so long,
   Holding tight his letters in her hand. :|

The apple trees are blooming,
and Katjusha is walking out to the river
[to fetch two buckets of water, I am afraid].
Merrily and brightly she is singing:
Her sweetheart has sent her a letter from the front
were he is defending their home.
Fresh song, on the wings of the grey eagle of the steppe
fly to her fiance and bring him Katjushas song.
Bring him her love and her thanks
and her hope for a peaceful future together.

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