Little Pal

Melody - from the film "Say It With Songs", 1929

B. G. De Sylva, Lew Brown and Ray Henderson

Little pal, if daddy goes away,
Promise you'll be good from day to day.
Do as mother says and never sin.
Be the man your daddy might have been.

Your Daddy didn't have an easy start,
So this is the wish that's in my heart:
What I couldn't be, little pal,
I want you to be, little pal.

I want you to laugh and to sing and to play,
And be good to mother while daddy's away.
Each night how I'll pray, little pal,
That you'll turn out right, little pal.

If some day you should be
On a new daddy's knee,
Don't forget about me, little pal.
So, till we meet again,
Heaven knows where or when,
Think of me now and then, little pal.

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