London City

Melody -

London City where I used to dwell,
It's a railroad boy I loved so well,
He courted me my heart away,
And with me he would not stay.

2. Go out this fair little town,
Take him a chair and sit right down,
Take other strange girls upon his knee,
And tell them things he won't tell me.

3. I don't see the reason why
Unless they had more golden eyes.
Gold will melt, silver will fly,
I hope some day they will become as I.
  4. She went off upstairs to fix her bed
Not a word to her mamma she said.
Mamma went off upstairs and said
Daughter dear, what is in your head?

5. Oh, Mamma, Oh, Mamma, I dare to tell
It's the railroad boy I love so well,
He courted me my heart away
And with me would not stay.

6. Her papa from his work came home
Saying did I hear my daughter moan,
And up the stairs then he did climb
And found her hanging by a twine.

7. Upon her breast was a letter found
Saying, when you find me cut me down
Go dig my grave both wide and deep
And place a marble stone at my head and feet.
Upon my breast place a turtle dove,
To show this world I died for love.

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