Love's Secret

Melody -

John Boyle O'Reilly

1. Love found them sitting in a woodland place,
His amorous hand amid her golden tresses;
And Love looked smiling on her glowing face
And moistened eyes upturned to his carresses.

2. "Oh sweet," she murmured, "life is utter bliss!"
"Dear heart," he said, "our golden cup runs over!"
"Drink, love," she cried, "and thank the gods for this!"
He drained the precious lips of cup and lover.
  3. Love blessed the kiss; but, ere he wandered thence,
The mated bosoms heard this benedicition:
"Love lies within the brimming bowl of sense:
Who keeps this full has joy - who drinks affliction."

4. They heard the rustle as he smiling fled:
She reached her hand to pull the roses blowing.
He stretched to take the purple grapes o'er-head;
Love whispered back, "Nay, their beauties growing."

5. They paused, and understood: one flower alone
They took and kept, and Love flew smiling over.
Their roses bloomed, their cup went brimming on
She looked for Love within, and found her lover.

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