Matud Nila   So They Say

Melody -
- Pete

Matud nila ako dili angay
Nga magmanggad sa imong gugma,
Matud nila ikaw dili malipay,
Kai wa akoy bahanding nga kanimo igasa.

Gugmang putli mao day pasalig
Maoy bahanding labaw sa bulawan
Matud nila kaanugan lamang
Sa imong gugma ug parayeg.

Dili maluba kining pagbati
Bisan sa unsa nga katarungan
Kay unsa pay bili ning kinabuhi
Kon sa gugma mo hinikawan

Ingna ko nga dili ka motuo
Sa mga pagtamay kong naangkon
Ingna no nga dili mo kawangon
Damgo ko'g pasalig sa gugma mo.
Tr. Ed Peaslee 1999
They say I am not capable
To crave your love
They say you are not happy
Because I have offer you.

Love that is unrequited
Is more precious than gold,
But they say it is only a waste
Of love and caring.

Never will my love for you fade,
As long as life shall last.
Never will I forget you;
Without you there is no love.

If you do not believe
I am possessed by love,
At least have pity.
I dream and hope for your love.

"Matud Nila" is an old song from the Visayas (islands between Luzon and Mindanao. The words are in the local dialect. Surely everyone in the Philippines knows this song.

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