My father he died

Melody -

My father he died,
But I can't tell you how,
He left me six horses
Bo drive in my plough:

With my wing wang waddle oh,
Jack sing saddle oh,
Blowsey boys buble oh,
Under the broom.

I sold my six horses,
And I bought me a cow,
I'd fain have made a fortune,
But did not know how:
With my . . . .
  I sold my cow,
And I bought me a calf;
I'd fain have made fortune,
But lost the best half:
With my . . . .

I sold my calf,
And I bought me a cat;
A pretty thing she was,
In my chimney corner sat:
With my . . . .

I sold my cat,
And bought me a mouse;
He carried fire in his tail,
And burnt down my house:
With my . . . .

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