The Land Of Libertie

Melody -

1. My mind it being much inclined
To cross the raging main,
I left my tender parents
In sorrow, grief and pain.
On board the "Fame"
We then became all passengers to be,
To sail with Captain Thompson
To the Land of Libertie.

2. As we were safely sailing
To a place called Newfoundland,
The wind arose ahead of us
And our ship was at a stand:
"All hands on deck" bold Thompson cried
"Or we'll be cast away,
All firmly stand
Or you'll never land in North Amerikay."
  3. A mount of ice came moving down
Anear our gallant main,
But the Lord of Mercy
He was kind our lives for to maintain.
Our gallant sailors hauled about
And so our ship did save,
Or we were doomed to be entombed
All in a watery grave.

4. When we were safely landed
Our faint hearts we did renew,
But how could I sleep easy, Erin dear,
So far from you.
I hope the time will come agi
When our comrades all we'll see,
And once more we'll live together
In love and unitie.

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