My Old Dutch

Refrain - Charles Ingle, 1892

Albert Chevalier, 1911 (1861-1923)

I've got a pal,
A reg'lar out an' outer,
She's a dear good old gal.
I'll tell yer all about 'er.
It's many years since fust we met,
'Er 'air was then as black as jet;
It's whiter now, but she don't fret,
Not my old gal!

We've been together now for forty years,
An' it don't seem a day too much.
There ain't a lady livin' in the land
As I'd swop for my dear old Dutch.
No, there ain't a lady livin' in the land
As I'd swop for my dear old Dutch.
  I calls 'er Sal,
'Er proper name is Sairer,
An' yer may find a gal
As you'd consider fairer.
She ain't a angel - she can start
A-jawin' till it makes yer smart,
She's just a woman, bless 'er 'eart,
Is my old gal!

Sweet fine old gal,
For worlds I wouldn't lose 'er;
She's a dear good old gal,
An' that's what made me choose 'er.
She's stuck to me through thick and thin,
When luck was out, when luck was in.
Ah! wot a wife to me she's been,
An' wot a pal!

I sees yer, Sal -
Yer pretty ribbons sportin'!
Many years now, old gal,
Since them young days of courtin'.
I ain't a coward, still I trust
When we've to part, as part we must,
That Death may come and take me fust
To wait ... my pal!

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