The Banks of theCondamine

Melody -


1. O hark the dogs are barking, love.
I can no longer stay;
The men are all gone mustering,
And it is nearly day.
And I must be off by morning light
Before the sun does shine,
To meet the Roma shearers on
The banks of the Condamine.

2. O Willy, dearest Willy,
O let me go with you!
I'll cut off all my auburn fringe,
And be a shearer too;
I'll cook and count your tally, love,
While ringer - o you shine,
And I'll wash your greasy moleskins
On the banks of the Condamine.

3. O Nancy dearest Nancy,
With me you cannot go!
The squatters have given orders, love,
No woman should do so
And your delicate constitution
Is no equal unto mine,
To withstand the constant tigering
On the banks of the Condamine.

4. O Willy, dearest Willy,
Then stay at home with me;
We'll take up a selection,
And. a farmer's wife I'll be.
I'll help you husk the corn, love,
And cook your meals so fine
You'll forget the ram-stag mutton on
The banks of the Condamine.

5. O Nancy, dearest Nancy,
Pray do not hold me back!
Down there the boys are waiting,
And 1 must be on the track,
So here's a good-bye kiss, love;
Back home I will incline
When we've shore the last of the jumbucks
On the banks of the Condamine.

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