Didn't He Ramble

Melody -

1. Old Beebe had three full grown sons,
Buster, Bill and Bee,
And Buster was the black sheep
Of the Beebe family;
They tried their best
To break him of his rough and rowdy ways,
At last they had to get a judge
To give him ninety days.

Oh! didn't he ramble, ramble?
He rambled all around, in and out of town,
Oh! didn't he ramble, ramble,
He rambled till the butchers cut him down

2. This black sheep was a terror,
Oh! and such a ram was he,
That every "copper" knew by heart
His rambling pedigree
And when he took his ladder out
To go and paint the town,
They had to take their megaphones
To call the rambler down.

3. He rambled in a swell hotel,
His appetite was stout,
When he refused to pay his bill
The landlord kicked him out.
He reached to strike him with a brick
But when he went to stoop,
The landlord kicked him in the pants
And made him loop the loop.
  4. He rambled in a gambling house,
To gamble on the green,
But there they showed the ram a trick
That he had never seen.
He lost his roll and jewelry
And nearly lost his life,
He lost the car that took him home,
And then he lost his wife.

5. He rambled to an Irish wake
On one St. Patrick's night,
They asked him what he'd like to drink,
They meant to treat him right.
But like the old Kilkenny cats,
Their backs began to arch,
When he called for orange phosphate,
On the seventeenth of March.

6. He rambled to the races,
To make a gallery bet,
He backed a horse named Hydrant,
And Hydrant's running yet.
He would have had to walk back home,
His friends all from him hid
By luck he met old George Sedam,
It's a damn good thing he did.

7. He rambled through the tunnel
Once on board a moving train,
Another train came rumbling in,
And rammed him out again.
It rammed him just a block, and then,
They caught him on the fly
And with a ton of dynamite,
They rammed him to the sky.

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