Old Dan Tucker

Melody -

I come to town de udder night,
I hear de noise an saw de fight
De watchman was a runnin 'round,
Cryin' Ole Dan Tucker's come to town.
Heigh! Supper over, breakfast cooking,
Left old Daniel stand'n and looking,
Out ob de way, Ole Dan Tucker,
You're too late to come to supper.

Ole Dan he went to the mill
To get some meal to put in the swill,
The miller he swore by the point of his knife
He never seed such a man in his life.

Ole Dan and I we did fall out,
An' what you tink it was about,
He tread on my corn, I kick him on de shin,
An' dat's de way dis row begin.

Ole Dan begun in early life
To play the banjo and de fife;
He play the niggers all to sleep
And den into his bunk he creep.

And now Ole Dan is a gone sucker,
And nebber can go home to supper,
Ole Dan he has had his last ride
And de banjo buried by his side.

Tucker is a nice old man,
He used to ride our darby ram;
He sent him wizzen down the hill,
If he hadn't got up he'd lay there still.

Here's my razor in good order
Magnum bonum, jis hab bought her;
Sheep shell oats, Tucker shell de corn,
I'll shabe you soon as de water get warm.

Ole Dan Tucker an I got drunk.
Fell in de fire and he kick up a chunk,
De charcoal got inside he shoe,
Lor bless you honey, how de ashes flew.
  Down de road foremost de stump,
Massa make me wotk de pump;
I pump so hard I broke de sucker,
Dar was work for Ole Dan Tucker.

I went to town to buy some goods
I lost myself in a piece of woods,
De night was dark, I had to suffer,
It froze de heel Ole Dan Tucker.

Tucker was a hardened sinner,
He nebber said his grace at dinner;
De ole sow squeel, de piggs did sqall,
He 'hole hog wid de tail and all.

Dan Tucker own'd an ole log hut
An' kept it clean as a cocoa nut,
"A tarnation appetite I've got" said Dan
"So I'll borrow a supper wherever I can."

Dan Tucker look at a pig runnin' by,
An' smack his lip an' he wink his eye,
But de pig him look in a knowin' way,
An' give a grunt as if he say:

Old Dan Tucker's a fine old man,
Washed his face in a frying pan,
Combed his hair with a wagon wheel,
Died of toothache in his heel.

Old Dan Tucker he come to town,
Riding on a billygoat, leading a hound,
Hound dog bark and the billygoat jump,
Throwed Dan Tucker on top of a stump.

Old Dan Tucker, he come to town,
Swinging the ladies round and round,
First to the right and then to the left
And then to the gal that he loved best.

Ol' Dan Tucker clumb a tree,
His Lord and Master for to see,
The limb it broke and Dan got a fall,
Never got to see his Lord at all.

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